Don't drink the yellow coke and 9 other life-saving tips for surviving Angkor Wat.

Preah Khan
There are more than a thousand temples in the jungles around Siem Reap in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the one everyone has heard of but there are many others. If you want to cut to the chase and find out which temples to include on your itinerary, read Angkor Wat and the 7 must see temples of Angkor - just don't drink the yellow coke! If you would like a bit of friendly advice before you go temple hunting then read on for my life-saving (literally in one case) tips on how to survive the temples of Angkor.

Angkor Wat and the 7 must see temples of Angkor.

Angkor Wat

The Angkor Archaeological Park, just outside Siem Reap in Cambodia, has the largest concentration of temples in the world. According to Google there are more than a thousand scattered across some 200 square kilometres. Even the most intrepid traveller can hope to visit only a fraction. Are you up for a thousand temples - no! I didn't think so - but don't panic! Luckily for you, David and I have done all the hard work and over a three day marathon of religious monument hopping visited most of them - well it felt like it!  Actually we saw thirteen but they were absolutely the best thirteen. Out of that thirteen I have picked seven which you simply must visit.

A Mekong River Cruise with Scenic Spirit

Wat Hanchey Temple, Cambodia

Garuda Wat Hanchey
It is the first morning of our Mekong River cruise aboard Scenic Spirit and we are standing at the top of a hill waiting for the rest of our group to come into view. They are climbing 300 steps to the temple at Wat Hanchey. As one of the 'walking wounded' I have ridden to the top in a mini-bus.  Only a month or two ago my healthier self would have been one of the first to take the challenge. That person is returning slowly, but not yet. I envy the climbers. By the time they reach the temple they will be able to view the temple through the prism of a well-earned achievement.

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