Cycling in the U.S.A

The Island Line Trail: Cycling across Lake Champlain, Vermont.

The Island Line Trail: Colchester Causeway
Trail - The Island Line Trail  - consisting of the Burlington Bike Path and the Colchester Causeway.
Location - Burlington to South Hero Island, Vermont, USA.
Distance - 45 kms (28 miles) return.
Terrain -  Asphalt for about half the distance and then compacted gravel.
Difficulty - Easy, this is a ride /walk you can take the family on.
Highlights - Cycling the Colchester Causeway and hopping on the Bike Ferry across the Cut to link up with South Hero Island
Website and map - Click here for a link to download a PDF map and here for detailed trail notes.

Mackinac Island - A land without cars.

Imagine an island where the automobile was banned in the late 1800s. There are no cars, trucks or motorbikes of any kind. You would imagine, as I did, an atmosphere of tranquil, unhurried peace where the moment you disembark from the ferry you have stepped back in history to a time before the internal combustion engine.

Now make that island easily accessible to a zillion tourists. The result is an immense culture shock. One which will soon have you begging to return to a land where the car is king. At least then there are rules of the road.

Another day another 40 kms.

We have been averaging about 40 km (25 miles) a day. It doesn't sound much and for a single day it would not be that tough. We often ride that distance at home. However day after day the miles add up and exhaustion starts to set in. We haven't had a cycling free day for five days now. I think we have both just about reached our limit - I know I have!

Cycling in Chicago - Be careful what you wish for!

It has been hot since we left Snowmass in Colorado. We drove across Kansas and cycled in Independence, Missouri in 90 degree F (30s C) heat. We rode The Tunnel Hill State Trail and The I & M Canal Trail in Illinois in the mid to high 80s F. We knew the mid-west would be hot this time of year but not this hot. Every exhausting kilometre we have been wishing for a cool change. Yesterday it arrived!

Cycling the I & M Canal Trail.

"It takes four things to build a canal .. a pick, a shovel, a wheelbarrow and an Irishman".

We came across this quote at a small museum in Lockport, Illinois. Sadly, the death rate among the Irish workers was awful. Conditions were harsh and disease was rife. Unsurprisingly drunkenness was common.