I think we have found the middle of nowhere.

I always thought Australia had a monopoly on the middle of nowhere. I'm pretty sure we lived there for a couple of years when we were younger. Today we discovered that the US has a middle of nowhere too.

We drove from Durango, Colorado to Vernal, Utah. After the first hour it was five hours of nothing -  it just about drove D mad. Personally I quite like 'middle of nowhere' landscapes. There were a few, time forgotten towns, you have to wonder what draws people to make their lives in them, but mostly just miles and miles of nothing, a bit like being on the moon.

The middle of nowhere.

The highlight of the drive was seeing what can only be described as 'backyard' oil wells. Australians might have the occasional bore sunk on their land, especially in the country, but only, I think, in the centre of free enterprise and capitalism would you see personal oil rigs dotted throughout the landscape.

Who needs BHP shares when you can have one of these?

In case you're wondering, we've come to Vernal to visit Dinosaur National Monument - more on that tomorrow.

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18 June 2013

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