About us

David and I live in Sydney. We are part of the Baby Boomer generation, have been married for three decades and have two grown sons.

David is a traveller - never happier than when sitting in an aeroplane headed to somewhere new. When we first met he had a trip to Europe already planned. Within a couple of days he talked me into coming with him and that more or less set the template for the rest of our lives - David plans a trip and I tag along. Don't get me wrong, I like travel but left to my own devices I probably wouldn't have spent quite so much of my life doing it.

We are both keen leisure cyclists and seek out bike paths wherever we go. However, there is no reason why cycling and luxury can't mix. At the end of the day we want nice comfortable hotels to return to.

After a lifetime of travelling the globe together, I have realised David and I know a thing or two about travel. By sharing our successes, disasters and everything in between I hope we can smooth the way a little for fellow travellers.

I try to publish a new post each week, usually on Thursday or Friday Australian time. If I am behind schedule then the post should be up by Saturday.

If you have any questions or comments about the places we have been please say hello. You can contact me through the comments section on this blog, on twitter '@thelindfields' or send an e-mail to 'thetravellinglindfields@gmail.com'. If you don't want to miss any posts you can fill in the follow by e-mail box in the right-hand sidebar or follow my blog on 'Bloglovin'.

I blog from personal experience only. I never write about a place I have not been to. If I get sponsored or partly sponsored accommodation or admission I will always tell you. I don't, and never will, hire a virtual assistant. If you comment on my blog or connect with me by email or social media the reply will only ever come from me personally.

Cheers and safe travels - perhaps our paths will cross on the road somewhere.


p.s - I cheat a bit on my profile photo. It was taken about six years ago.