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David and I live in Sydney, Australia, a country where travel is almost the national hobby. We meet so many other Australians on our travels I sometimes wonder whether there is anyone left at home at all. We try to do our bit - travelling for an average of three or four months each year.

We are in our early 60s, part of the baby boomer generation, and have been married and travelling together for more than thirty years.  Not quite empty nesters we have one twenty-something son still at home living in the garage (it sounds creepy but it is quite nice really) and another who flew the coop many years ago.

David is a traveller - never happier than when sitting in an airplane headed to somewhere new. When we first met he had a trip to Europe already planned. Within a couple of days he talked me into coming with him and that more or less set the template for the rest of our lives.

We travel independently. With the exception of river cruising, David is allergic to tours. He regards being in a bus all day with 20, 30 or perhaps 40 other people who are told where to go and what to see as, literally, a fate worse than death. Luckily for me, after more than three decades of organising everything from weekends away to a year on the road, he is an expert travel planner - and even more luckily - he loves the luxury end of the market. If there is a really nice hotel in town with crisp bed linen and fluffy towels, look for us there.

We don't publish our blog to inspire you to travel. Lots of travel bloggers say inspiring others is why they blog but, honestly, we have a hard time believing that. Almost everyone we have ever talked to about travel says they would love to travel more if only they had the time and money. Rather, we want to to show you how to do it. Whether it is snorkelling one of the largest fringing reefs on the planet, driving a car in Mexico, finding the best seats on the airplane or collapsing into the luxurious surrounds of a Royal Panorama Suite on a Mekong River cruise, we have been there done that and lived to tell the tale. When you are ready for that trip of a lifetime, or you just want to dream a little, come along with us through our blog, visit some wonderful places, pick up some practical tips and learn from our our experiences (both successes and failures). Then drop us a line, ask us a question or just say hello. We would love to hear from you.

You can contact us through the comments section on this blog, on twitter '@thelindfields' or send an e-mail to 'thetravellinglindfields@gmail.com'. If you don't want to miss any posts fill in the follow by e-mail box in the right-hand sidebar (there is an unsubscribe button for when you get sick of us) or feel free to stalk us on social media. Scroll down to find links to our social media profiles.

Note: If we accept sponsored or partly sponsored accommodation or admissions we will always tell you. We don't, and never will, hire a virtual assistant. If you comment on our blog or connect with us by email or social media the reply will only ever come from one of us, personally. Chances are it will be me - David isn't much of a writer.

Cheers and safe travels - perhaps our paths will cross on the road somewhere.

Lyn (and David)

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