The Great Pyramid, The Grand Canyon, Iguazu Falls and now ...... Sandy River Airport.

David doesn't watch much television. He has never heard of most of the Hollywood household names you and I know as mega-stars. The kids joke that he lives 'under a rock'.  He is however an avid fan of  'Gold Rush'.

Gold Rush is one of the highest rating shows on the Discovery Channel. I don't know how many Australians have heard of it but David must be it's biggest down-under fan. It is a reality TV show following the exploits of a group of guys from small town America who, with no experience whatsoever, decide to become gold miners. They start out in Alaska and when that doesn't work out they move on to the Klondike in Canada.

Back at home, in Sydney, I have endured endless marathon sessions of back-to-back episodes, watching the efforts of Todd Hoffman, his father, his crew and his mining neighbours strive to wrest a living from Nth American dirt.

David and I have been to the pyramids, the Grand Canyon, Iguazu Falls and countless other world must-see tourist sites, how could we come to Oregon and not seek out Sandy River Airport. For the Gold Rush uninitiated, Sandy River is the private airport run by the Hoffmans in the non-gold digging season.

Sandy River Airport

I don't think the Hoffmans were home. I believe they're currently trying their hand at mining in Sth America. Nevertheless, it was fun to do a quick drive by of their airport and cruise down the main street of Sandy. Sometimes the best part of a road trip is seeking out places nobody else in their right minds would be even vaguely interested in seeing.

Driving into Sandy, Oregon

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1 July 2013

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