Bye-bye bikes

We fly home tomorrow. The 'not the cheapest bikes in the store' are now much loved and I will be sorry to part with mine. David - not so much - he has had a bit of grief with his gears over the last few days.
We can't take them home. It is too expensive for such inexpensive bikes. Today we arranged to give them to a thrift store in San Rafael.

The very nice volunteer ladies at Hospice by the Bay, Hodgepodge thrift shop will find them a good home and the proceeds will go to charity. If anyone ever sees them again I would love to hear how they are doing. You can contact me through twitter at @thelindfields or post a comment on this blog.

Thanks for reading. I have very much appreciated all the feedback.  When I recover from the jet-lag I hope to post a few tips for would-be travellers and wanderers.  My twitter-trader friends will be unsurprised to know that David has our next three holidays already booked and is now working on organising the fourth.



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17 July 2013

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