The World's Best Riesling

Today we tasted 'The World's Best Riesling' - at least that is what the lady trying to sell us a bottle said.  We are in the Clare Valley, one of Sth Australia's best wine growing regions. It is wet, cold and windy. Not good conditions for fair-weather cyclists. Unless the weather improves, this year's holiday in the Clare is going to be a lot more about drinking and a lot less about cycling.

We left the bikes at home today and went cellar door crawling.  By the time we got to 'The World's Best Riesling' I think I may have had a few too many of the world's second, third, fourth and fifth best rieslings. The cellar door lady handed me a small glass with the confident air of one who knows she is offering a superior product.

"Our riesling is the world's best", she said.

I thought she was kidding. It turned out she wasn't.

Apparently there is a competition somewhere which determines these things and the riesling which we so carelessly squaffed had in fact been named 'The World's Best'. Have I said before that I like a nice riesling - probably. I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of what I do and don't like. D, who is a world expert on these things, also considers me to be a pretty good judge of what I do and don't like. I was pretty sure I didn't like 'The World's Best Reisling'.

Google agrees. When we got home I googled 'World's Best Riesling' and even though the actual name of 'The World's Best Reisling' now escapes me google seemed to be in little doubt that the one we tasted wasn't it. In fact google was surprisingly unhelpful on the topic suggesting quite to the contrary of what the lady in the winery said that there are in fact a plethora of  'the world's best rieslings'.  Now I'm just confused. The only thing for it is to head out tomorrow and continue our research - if there is in fact a 'World's Best Riesling' we are determined to find it - or get very sozzled in the attempt.

If you are interested in the details of the very enjoyable Riesling Cycling Trail which runs through the Clare Valley then I suggest you read last year's entry on this part of the world which involved considerably less drinking and more cycling. Just click the link.

And the sun finally came out!

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