High Country Cycling - Part 2

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Hot again! Back to the High Country. This time we made it to Hotham. We parked the car at Whiskey Flat - what a great name! - and continued on from where we turned around. The trail became a lot easier but we were never going to be able to do it in one go starting as late in the afternoon as we had.

Once we got to Hotham  it was worth all the effort. It must be one of the few ski-resorts in the world where the resort is at the top of the mountain - just point your skis downhill and hope. The views are stunning. - I can't help wondering though what happens if the lifts go on wind-hold - stuck at the bottom in a blizzard doesn't sound like fun.

The trail is well sign-posted

The only really easy bit - but not for long.

The view across from Hotham

The Great Alpine Rd at Hotham

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