The Sheraton at Cordoba

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The Sheraton Hotel

Cordoba, Argentina

  • Location -  Ave Duarte Quiros 1300 - about 25 minutes walk from the main tourist sites in the city centre.
  • Quality - 5 Star international standard. Clean, comfortable, well-appointed and modern. 
  • Service - Very friendly and helpful 
  • Highlight - The quality of the room service food was exceptional. 
  • Bedding and bathrooms - I've got a thing about these - it's a girl thing. Nice crisp sheets and marble bathrooms.
  • Would I recommend this hotel - Absolutely 5 out of 5.

Regular readers might recall that our bags got lost in transit when we first arrived in Argentina - read the saga here. We spent the first 24 hours with nothing but the clothes we had been wearing since we left Sydney - not even a toothbrush. The staff at the hotel were great though. I think they sent up two of every sample they had - toothbrushes, combs, vanity kits - you name it they delivered it to our room. On a friendly and helpful scale of one to ten I would give these guys a nine.

We stayed in a deluxe room on a high floor. The view wasn't anything to write home about but there is something nice about being in your own little bubble looking out over the city after a hard day's touristing.

Apart from the friendliness of the staff, something which is very common in Argentina, the highlight of our stay was the room service menu. David and I love room service and the Sheraton's was exceptional - without a doubt the best menu and food we have ever had.

The Sheraton is located about twenty-five minutes walk from the city's main tourist attractions making it ideal to head out on foot, wander for miles and collapse into a taxi at the end of the day. The central location makes driving a little fraught however. The main road in is typically chaotic and stressful but the Jesuit Estancias near Jesus Maria, half an hour north of Córdoba making having a car worth while and there is plenty of free parking at the hotel.

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