How to turn a bicycle into a pretzel!

QANTAS made us sign a waiver before flying our bikes - 'all care, no responsibility'. They got the 'no responsibility' part right but I'm not so sure about the 'all care'. I think someone ran over David's bike with a truck - well perhaps not quite - but the 'fragile' sticker was a complete waste of time. It's impossible to know whether the culprit was QANTAS or American Airlines but when the bike arrived in Denver, having flown from Sydney and changed planes in LA, it was badly damaged.  The frame was bent. Maybe flying our bikes wasn't such a good idea after all.

Before you leap to the conclusion that we were total idiots trying to fly with bikes let me point out that these are not lightweight carbon fibre road bikes. They are sturdy aluminium framed mountain bikes - and we have flown them before. Earlier this year we took them to New Zealand without incident -  (click here for my blog post on 'Queenstown and the Flying Bicycles').

Thanks to a couple of helpful guys at the Giant Bikes shop in Denver  the bike has been repaired enough (hopefully) to last us for the next six weeks touring and cycling in the US.  Their first reaction was that D needed a new bike. However having wrecked one almost new bike we were not inclined to give AA and QANTAS the chance to punish another one. At least I know what to get D for his birthday now!

Have bikes will travel.
The good news is that we took the bikes for a quick spin this afternoon along the Cherry Creek Trail near our hotel in Denver and both of them performed fine. Fingers crossed that D's bike will continue to be okay. The highlight was cycling past a field of Prairie Dogs - at least I think they were Prairie Dogs - super cute. Tomorrow we leave for Snowmass Village, near Aspen.

Cherry Creek Trail, Denver.

Note: I don't accept money or other rewards for anything I write in this blog. I've given the Giant Bike shop in Denver a plug because Giant are great bikes and the guys were so helpful.

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13 June 2014


  1. But are you getting compensation from Qantas/AA???

  2. Haha - You've got to be kidding. We didn't read the terms of the waiver we signed at check-in (who does) but you get bet that QANTAS had us stitched up pretty tight.

  3. how about your travel insurance?

  4. Hi Fiona.

    Thanks. It didn't occur to us to check our travel insurance. Thanks we'll have a look at it. I have a feeling though that there will be an exclusion clause covering it - but worth a try.

    cheers Lyn