QF 12 to Sydney, Australia - Heading home.

We have spent the last few days driving west from Detroit to Denver through Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. We stopped for a few nights here and there, cycled more of the I & M Canal Trail , explored Omaha, Nebraska on our bikes and stayed off the inter-states whenever we could.

We drove past a giant spider made from the body of an old Volkswagon, innumerable towns which could have come straight from the set of a B grade western, a lot of really awful motels, hundreds of miles of corn fields and Warren Buffett's house. True to legend it really is an ordinary looking home. Nice, but hardly a mansion. Suffice it to say that for a house belonging to a billionaire it was very unimposing. I took a quick photo. I won't post it because I wouldn't appreciate it if someone stuck a photograph of my house on the Internet.  Are you listening google!

Since we landed in Denver we have driven 5,000 miles (8,000 kms) and cycled more than 500 miles (800 kms).  After six weeks we are happy to be returning home.

The hardest part of the trip has been the loss of my dear little T.C. He was my much loved 2 year old cat. He went missing a week after we left and not being home to search for him was heart breaking. We live in an area plagued by paralysis ticks. I would love to think that he is alive and well being looked after by some kind person but it is very unlikely.

Our most striking experience was seeing the urban decay in Detroit. We were so blown away by it's post apocalyptic destruction that I am saving my post on Detroit until we arrive home and I can do it justice. Read it now - here

The best part of the trip was our week at Snowmass Village, Colorado. The whole Aspen area is stunning in summer.

To all my lovely readers - thank you for following our latest foray into North America. Those who know me will be unsurprised to hear that David has already booked the flights for our next road trip, north on the Alaska Marine Highway then returning via the Alaska Highway. Read how it went - here

We found this on the side of the road in Avoca, Iowa - great isn't it.
There is a website called roadtrippers.com where you can track down wacky
 and non-wacky US attractions.

Urban decay in Detroit - this is only a few miles from central Detroit - decayed
 and burnt out houses and factories and endless lots of vacant land where the
empty houses have been removed by the local authorities.

Omaha, Nebraska - quite a nice city.

Stay off the inter-states and get rewarded with some great
 sights - this looks like it is straight out of a B grade movie.

More B-grade movie sights

Not my idea of a nice hotel - needless to say we drove straight past this one

Parked by the side of the road in a small town - we think it is one of the later Model Ts.

You don't see this in Australia - a freight train with eight or so aircraft bodies
 headed for a factory somewhere to have their wings, wheels and all the
 other extras fitted. The green colour is a protective wrap of some sort.

Road trips aren't for everyone - you have to like the sight of bitumen
stretching out in front of you.

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22 July 2014

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