Cycling at Surfers Paradise

Location - Sth-east Queensland, Australia
Ride - Surfers Paradise going north
Distance - 32.5 km
Terrain - Flat, bike path separated from the roadway.
Difficulty - Easy.
Highlights - Oysters for afternoon tea looking out over the Pacific

Surfers Paradise is famous for high rise, Meter Maids and one of the world's great beaches. David is not good with heights, hates the beach and - well - he's got me, so who needs a Meter Maid.  Needless to say, we didn't come to Surfers for the usual reasons. Apart from its more well known charms, Surfers is just great for cycling.

With a couple of very short, easy excursions along footpaths and quiet streets it is possible to cycle all the way from Tweed Heeds in New South Wales to Paradise Point in the north. We are staying more or less at the middle point geographically and today we went north.

It's a 50 km round trip all the way to Paradise Point and we wanted to make a side excursion of about 10 km along the esplanade near Sea World so we knew we weren't going to make it to the end today but we're not unhappy with 32 kms. We are beginning to suffer from cumulative aches and pains. What would have been a very easy cycle on day one of our trip was a bit more difficult today. We have learnt from experience to lower our expectations of what our bodies will tolerate as a holiday goes on. The day was glorious though, the wind had dropped and oysters in the half shell for afternoon tea at the northern most point of our ride made all the effort worthwhile.

We found Nemo!

Locals at the beach
Just a great beach.

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