Cycling at Manly, Qld

Location - Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Ride - Wynnum to Lota
Distance - 21 km
Terrain - Flat, bike path separated from the roadway.
Difficulty - Dead easy.
Highlights - A cafe lunch at Manly looking out over the marina.

Our GPS tracker recorded today's ride as 172 km with an average speed of 65 kph. - In your dreams. A three year old on a tricycle could have kept pace with us today.

We re-located from 9 floors up in Redcliffe to 19 floors up in Surfers Paradise and decided to break the drive with an easy cycle along the seaside at Manly. Somewhere along the ride our GPS melted down and took a little side trip of its own; 50 odd kms north-west - twice. A cycling friend in Sydney was very impressed and sent an almost immediate SMS congratulating us on our new found fitness. Do you think he was having us on?

Our actual 21km was extremely pleasant.  The sun came and went and, with the now inevitable headwind, we discovered that Queensland does sometimes get cold, nothing however to compare with a late afternoon mid-winter ride in any of the southern states.

We broke our  'always pack your own sandwiches for lunch'  rule and had a wonderful meal at a cafe overlooking the Marina at Manly. I love looking at boats, which is sadly ironic since I get seasick in the bath.  As magnificent as the Marina was though it couldn't compare with the run-down charm of the old boat harbour at Wynnum. Many of the boats were derelict and one even half-submerged but they had an old world pride which could never be matched by the shiny new yachts in Manly.

Our plan is to stay for the next five days at Surfers. With 160 kms of cycle paths I'm sure we'll find plenty to explore.

The old boat harbour at Wynnum.

The modern marina at Manly.

A boardwalk through mangroves at the southern end - David hates mangroves!

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