Thredbo Village - without the snow!

It is that time of year again - D and I are in Thredbo.  David is a total ski-wuss (see my post 'Skiing, not cycling' - click here to read it).

We come for a week each year and I have to wonder why we bother. I'm flat out getting him to hit the slopes for more than three days. He absolutely refuses to ski two days in a row. I'm sure this isn't the man I married!

Yesterday we skied with No.1 son. At 24 he has youth, energy, enthusiasm and many years of ski school lessons, paid for by his parents, on his side. He is a stunning skier. I am not. After a lifetime of skiing one week a year I still ski like a beginner. This year though No. 1 son has a bad cold. Not enough to keep him off the slopes; just enough to slow him down a little. I feel a bit guilty, but it's nice to be able to almost keep up. 

D  and I left the lodge at our usual hour of 10 ish. The lifts start running at 8.30 am. Are you getting my drift here? We met No.1 son, who was out with the early-starters, did a quick warm-up run on Snowgums chair, and headed for the higher altitude of Karels. D doesn't like t-bars but the snow is just awful this year so he didn't have much choice.  Karel's boasts the highest lift in Australia. One run down and David announced it was time for lunch. I really need a new ski buddy.  

Not much snow in the village

After lunch we decided to explore the mountain. By now we know it pretty well but the quality of the snow cover can have a big effect on the terrain.  In a good year you can get through anywhere. In a bad year you need to be a bit creative. This year we had to take our skis off and hike. 

After convincing ourselves that there was no good snow anywhere below Karels we gave up and came in. It was almost 4 pm - not too bad for a couple of fifty-somethings in pretty ordinary conditions.

Today, we went for a walk. If it doesn't get cold enough for the snow-making guns to run tonight then tennis and golf are a real possibility. We should have brought our bikes!

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