My new bike.

We're finally home - for a couple of months at least. I'm hoping to work on describing some of the best rides we have found around Sydney. They're a work in progress but I'm putting them up under the heading 'Cycling in Sydney' as I do them.

Yesterday I bought a new bike. I really don't know why. There was nothing wrong with the old one but David got it into his head that it was too big for me and after nearly three decades of marriage I've learnt that life is a lot simpler if I just go with the flow.

My new bike.
I don't think it's as photogenic as the old one which is a real pity and this morning I saw it in another bike shop for $75 less than we paid. Don't you just hate it when that happens!

It rides well though. We took it for a spin and I'm pretty happy with it. It's a Giant Rove, specifically designed for a combination of bike paths and off-road - if anyone from Giant reads this - sorry guys - but I think you got the colours wrong - any chance of a re-spray?

Local wildlife on today's ride.

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