Tres Pircas Hotel & Spa, Huerta Grande, Córdoba, Argentina

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Tres Pircas Hotel & Spa

Huerta Grande, Córdoba, Argentina 

  • Location - About an hour and a half north-west of Córdoba.
  • Local knowledge - If you are travelling to or from Córdoba there is a new highway across the mountains from Villa Hermosa just south of Huerta Grande to Rio Ceballos (look for the signs to Salispuedes). The road connects to the airport freeway and is by far the most direct route. The road is not marked on Google Maps nor was it shown on our Garmin Nüvi GPS device.
  • Quality - The hotel grounds and public areas are lovely but are let down badly by sparse and cheap furnishings in the room.
  • Service - No English at all. This is a great place to practice your Spanish and if that fails there is always Google Translate.  Most of the staff were friendly and pleasant. We had a lot of trouble with the internet connection (essential for us). It kept dropping out and the person on the desk seemed a little annoyed at times when we kept asking for the internet to be re-booted. It may have been a language issue since the same woman was terribly nice when we checked out - or maybe she was just glad to see us go - lol.
  • Highlight - The extensive grounds and beautiful swimming pool.
  • Bedding and bathrooms - These were really ordinary. It constantly surprises me that many otherwise excellent hotels tolerate sheets and towels that have thinned and greyed with age.
  • Would I recommend this hotel - No. The room was just too basic but new sheets, towels and furniture would transform the place.
The countryside around Huerta Grande is within reach of Córdoba by car for a long day trip. However to really appreciate the lovely villages in this area it is worth staying for a few nights. South of Huerta Grande gets a bit dense - Argentinians descend by their thousands on weekends and holidays but La Cumbre, to the north is well worth a visit. Take the unsealed, and at times slightly challenging, back road, have lunch at La Cumbre and then continue north to see the pretty little chapel at Capilla del Monte.

I would like to recommend Tres Pircas more enthusiastically. The grounds, particularly the swimming pool are beautiful. Sitting by the poolside enjoying the last rays of sun each day was a highlight of our stay. The hotel looks reasonably new, another wing was being added while we were there and the public areas inside were modern and functional. The restaurant was excellent. Unfortunately all this was let down by the rooms themselves. The furniture felt old and dated and there wasn't enough of it. Apart from the bed the only place to sit was one straight-backed vinyl chair. We took turns, until David liberated a second chair from a sitting area in the corridor outside our room. On the plus side the room had a great balcony with views across the hotel grounds.

If you do decide to stay here, make sure you arrive with daylight to spare. Like so many country hotels in Argentina and Chilé Tres Pircas is tricky to find. Click the picture of the GPS device with the words ¿Cómo llegar? (literally 'how do I get there') on the first page of the hotel's website  to see a map and directions.

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