Where we stayed - what we thought - Hotel Reviews - Argentina/Chile/Peru

So far, with a couple of exceptions, I have avoided making recommendations for accommodation or restaurants in this blog. I am conscious that what David and I think is a great experience might be someone else's idea of purgatory. However lately I have realised that's a bit silly - most of you can probably figure out whether our idea of good service and value is likely to work for you.

If you are one of my lovely loyal readers who are happy to just follow along with our travels without more then just ignore this post. If not I have compiled a list of recommendations from our latest travels in Sth America.

NB: I don't write for profit and I don't accept inducements - if I start to I will let you know. None of the places we have stayed at, eaten at or visited were aware that I post to a blog.

Argentina : -

Chile : -

Peru : - 

If anyone out there has any suggestions or stories about accommodation/restaurants/services in Sth America I would love to hear about them.

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